bewbees (thebra) wrote in ddr_850,

Come here and play!

It has come to my attention that we need another big ass DDR bash over at the SLB like the one that occurred on the 8th of September last year. Since Thursday nights are not an option (woooooooooo for work!), I am aiming for a Wednesday night or a Saturday night. The hope is to have the US stuff, the Japanese stuff, and ITG at least available for playing. Oh yes, I hope to be using both tvs over at the SLB, because typically during the day there's some guys playing Melee or Naruto on one of the tvs on a cube.

I'm aiming for sometime in February, probably early or mid February. I'll probably post this on facebook as the time gets closer for everybody to make plans to at least be able to chill with a few of the dancing folks here and meet new people.

Occasionally, I'm over at the slb playing DDR in the middle of the day. Everybody is free to call me for get up and go action 853-2753; however, I have obligations on Sunday, Monday, and Thursday nights.
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