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DDR Petition

I was fixing a few errors, and added some things from the rewrite. If you have any suggestions, or corrects. Any would be helpful

To Fun Station Inc.,

We would like to strongly urge your facility to carry Dance Dance Revolution : Super Nova.

Many people have requested for a Dance Dance Revolution machine in the past. Previously, the problem with obtaining a Dance Dance Revolution stemmed from the fact that most Dance Dance Revolution machines are not only bootleg, but also Konami licensed the music for use in Japan only. It is also understood that ordering used machines, are generally a bad idea.

Fortunately Super Nova is not only the newest version being released. It is also a true and legal U.S. arcade release. Betson Enterprises will distribute this new release. Betson Enterprises has a very respectable reputation, and is Konami’s official distributor. Dance Dance Revolution : Super Nova will contain over 300 songs, with 2000 dance charts for players to dance to. Not only is there a wide variety of new content, it contains all the songs from the last arcade release. The new cabinets created for this release, are said to be of very high quality. They even include a high definition flat screen.

We can guarantee success with this new machine. It is user friendly to people who are just starting out. As well as having options to cater to even the most seasoned of players. With its wide variety of song and modes, it will always have something new for people to come back to. People will drive long distances just to play the new Dance Dance Revolution release. Not only will they come to play Dance Dance Revolution, they will also enjoy the other games and activities that your fine establishment has to offer.

This proposal isn’t just about what we the fans who come to the arcade want, but what it can do for one of our favorite places in town. Your facility is the one and only real arcade in town. Having consideration for this proposal would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for reading, and we look forward to doing more business with your establishment.


The Undersigned


Also here is the site i've worked on and off. It's a bit incomplete at the moment, but hopefully it will be useful by the time it's at Fun Station. Maybe I could even get a IIDX group going in the future.
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