_lionhearted_ (_lionhearted_) wrote in ddr_850,

No more flux pads, this might be the real deal folks

Hey all, I discovered this community via Todd's LJ, so I thought I'd add on. Allow me to introduce myself.

I am A-Train, one of the legendary ddr sannin when TILT was around (along with soul, zvidun, and twisted silence). I graduated last fall and moved back down where I took a break from DDR.

In short, I just wanted to announce that there's a slight possibility that I might try to get the SLB to let me purchase a DDREX machine in the lobby. Every so often I'd come up and empty it out and do hardcore maintenance on the pads (no TILT pads for us, thank you very much).

I would love for Team Tallahassee to rise again, for Tally to have the best DDR players in the state (and region). Back in the day our players were well respected, be it freestyle or tech.

If someone would, get some contact info for me so I can email the person in charge of the SLB about this. I'd love to put DDR back into tally :)
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